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Food or those who are infected from COVID 19, supported by CP Food, the leading food company in Thailand. If you are infected to COVID 19 or those who need to stay home for self quarantine, please see below instructions:

1.Register to be eligible for CP food delivery service at


2. Your given information will be validate with Department of Disease Control.

3. You will be notified via SMS. CP Food will be delivered from 109 CP Distribution centers (59 distribution centers in Bangkok) directed to your place. 

4.For government owned hospitals, please call 1788 to order.

There are 3 sets, 34 items to choose from CP Food list.


1. Ready to eat set. Only put in microwave and follow the instructions on the package.

2.Fast delivery fresh food. No need to reheat. Just unpack.

3.Fresh meat from CP Fresh Mart.

All ready for you today.

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